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Cash Redemption

The Customer should open a dedicated account for Value Gold ETF (3081/83081HK) with our company before any transactions related to Value Gold ETF (3081/83081HK).

Must complete all relevant forms including but not limited to [Value Gold ETF (3081/83081HK) Cash Redemption of Units Form– E-Form 04 ] and fax to +852-2866-6804 or submit the scanned copy to etf@redfordsec.com.

After receiving the [Value Gold ETF (3081/83081HK) Creation of Units Form– E-Form 04 ] and verified by the company, we will calculate and inform the customer the prepayment of the service fees. In general, the company will inform the customer the rate and amount of the prepayment of the service fees within 1 business day if all aforementioned forms are completed properly with verification.

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