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  1. The Company forbids any of our employees in the name of himself/herself, and/or any other names, and/or in any form of Account Holder(s) and/or Member(s) to operate, trading securities and Value Gold ETF and/or physical gold redemption. For matters of the Company prohibited, the Company shall not have any liability or responsibility.

  2. It is of the highest importance for the Company to safeguard the Customer’s interests; therefore safekeeping of your account password is paramount. To ensure all transactions are made with your full acknowledgement and consent, the password should be known only to yourself; any third parties including the Agent of the Plan should be kept exclusive to such knowledge. The Company will never ask you for your account login and/or password.

  3. Price Offers and Confirmation of Transaction for securities and Value Gold ETF trading provided by the Company will be conducted via telephone and/or Email. Your Confirmation of Transaction may by interrupted, delayed or failed by the failure of the internet system, failure of the electronic system and/ or any problems which are out of control and expectation of the Company. Where there is such case, please call our operation team on +852-2545-5588 to contact our Operational Officer.

  4. The services relating to Value Gold ETF trading provided or/and products to you are subjected to the “Terms and Conditions of Business Relating to Value Gold ETF Trading” & the “Terms and Conditions for Customer Agreement” and Appendix, Account Registration Form, under the jurisdiction. Before use, please read and understand carefully of all those documents.

Updated on 6thJanuary, 2017





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