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Why Value Gold ETF?

Value Gold ETF trades in Hong Kong and provides a channel for the customers to trade physical gold in the form of securities, but the customers can freely choose to redeem of the units based on the Physical Gold Delivery Settlement. Unlike other Gold ETFs, Value Gold ETF is backed by physical gold bullions stored in a vault at the HKIA Precious Metals Depository which is managed by the Airport Authority Hong Kong. Hence, it has less direct impact from political risks in other regions. In addition to the aforesaid, the Value Gold ETF has the following strengths:

  • Backed by physical gold tracking the LBMA Gold Price;

  • Relatively low geopolitical risks;

  • Convenient and accessible;

  • Affordable;

  • Transparent;

  • Hong Kong Dollars and Renminbi Dual currency trading, easy and flexible; and

  • Via Redford to redeem units in exchange of the Physical Gold Bars.




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