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Funds Deposit

  1. The Company has arranged different bank accounts for the Customer to deposit their funds, the Customer should visit the Company’s Website or call the operation direct line +852-3589-0909 to check and confirm the latest bank account details of the Company before remittance of funds. The Customer can deposit remittance instantly into the Company's bank account by either Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) or Bank Transfer process via internet banking or in person in the bank’s branch.

  2. After depositing the remittance, the Customer should forthwith send the bank deposit slip (If the fund were deposited by cheque, please provide a copy of cheque.) together with “Funds Deposit Notification Form” (E-Form 06) by fax to +852-2866-6804 or by email to etf@redfordsec.comUnder normal circumstances, the Company will check and confirm the deposited funds from the bank first, and after the funds had been verified and cleared in the Company’s bank account, the funds would become available for the Company to officially submit the transation application to the Fund Manager.




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