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The world’s FIRST gold ETF facilitate with HKD/RMB counters

Backed by physical gold stored in Hong Kong

Value Gold ETF (Trust) is a fund constituted in the form of a unit trust established under the Hong Kong law. Value Gold ETF is a “physical” ETF product, it means the Trust will be holding real physical gold to back the ETF transactions. Units in the Trust are listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (SEHK).

Value Gold ETF aims to provide an investment purposes that is closely corresponding to the morning fixing price of gold per troy ounce calculated by ICE Benchmark Administration Limited (published by the London Bullion Market Association before 11:00 a.m. (London time)) each morning usually.

Units may be acquired or disposed in two ways:

  • A Participating Dealer (acting for oneself or for you as its client) may apply for creation (HK dollars only) and redemption in cash or physical gold ; and

  • All investors (Participating Dealers and you) may buy and sell Units in the secondary market on the SEHK either in HK dollars in respect of HKD traded Units or in RMB in respect of RMB traded Units under the Dual Counter.

All investors may create and redeem Units through Participating Dealers, the minimum application Unit Size should be 300,000 Units (or multiples thereof)




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