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Why Redford?

Redford Securities Limited is currently the ONLY Participating Dealer of the Value Gold ETF (3081.HK/83081.HK) who can offer physical gold settlement services for the Customers in Hong Kong. Through the Company’s comprehensive procedures on Value Gold ETF(3081.HK/83081.HK) transaction, the Customers could apply for the Creation of Units in cash, redemption of Units in cash or redemption in physical gold bars. In addition to the aforesaid, Redford and its associates have the following strengths:

  • Redford is the only Participating Dealer of Value Gold ETF who can offer physical gold settlement services;

  • Redford has a good reputation in the Financial Industry and the Physical Precious Metal Trading sector in Hong Kong;

  • Redford have a team of professionals with up to 25 years’ rich experiences in physical gold trading and settlement;

  • Redford and its associates’ professional team provides superior services on physical gold bars to the Customers, including but not limited to physical gold bars transaction, storage, security delivery, insurance etc., and

  • Redford provides the Customers with simple, convenient and quick procedures and services in account opening, ETF subscription, ETF redemption in cash or physical gold bars, and physical gold bars transaction.

  • If Customer(s) want to create units or redeem units and have the delivery of physical gold bars, the Customer(s) need to open an account in our Company and fulfill the related requirement of physical gold redemption. The Customer(s) can contact us for more details on account opening and our services.




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