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How do we serve the Investor(s)?

In addition to the experience in dealing with related transactions for Value Gold ETF, we also have years of rich experience in Physical Gold Delivery Settlement. We have years of cooperation experience with the leaders in the industry of Precious Metal Storage, Precious Metal Delivery and Insurance. Redford’s professional team can provide excellent services on handling physical gold bars for our Customer(s), including but not limited to purchase & sell, storage, delivery, insurance of physical gold bars. Besides, Redford can offer simple and convenient account opening service, ETF creation, ETF redemption in cash and/or in physical gold bars and purchase & sell of physical gold bars to our Customer(s), which enables us to deliver the physical gold bars to Customer(s) designated office or manage to transfer the physical gold bar to the Customer’s depository account, providing an exclusive “one stop” high quality services to our Customer(s).

If Customer(s) want to obtain further information about this service, procedures or account opening, please kindly contact us at (852) 3589-0909.




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